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Learn How to Create Shopify Apps Using Ruby on Rails

This site brings together content so you may learn how to create Shopify Apps using Ruby on Rails all in once place. The website integrates associated documentation, libraries, source code and tools to allow you to get the most from the lessons and videos.
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Shopify Apps

Want to make money on an eCommerce platform? Full Stack Engineering has experience with creating apps and stores on multiple eCommerce solutions including Shopify, Volusion, and BigCommerce.

Ruby on Rails

Need an extra pair of hands on your Rails app? Need an external code review? At Full Stack Engineering we follow best practices and stay fully informed on the latest technology and trends using Ruby on Rails.

Full Stack Engineering

We build solutions from concept to launch, to maintenance and customer service. We understand you don’t just want code, but need a digital product with a service lifetime planned and maintained.

API Integration

Need a custom solution to talk to your existing products or services? Want your existing products or services to talk to external businesses? API integration is something we love at Full Stack Engineering.

Who is Full Stack Engineering?

Full Stack Engineering is a business I created specifically for Shopify app development. My name is Peter Devlin, officially an Electronic Engineer who turned app and software developer. I have over 10 years experience in product development, both hardware and software. Creating apps is fun and lucrative, and I want to share with you the tips, tricks and how to avoid the pitfalls in app development so you can create a passive income of your own.